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Free Burden 29 | Where the Game is Played, Part 2

Join Brett Freeman, a 3o year golf instructor and Director of Instruction at Forest Ridge Golf Club, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, as he teaches simple physical and mental techniques and strategies to simplify the golf swing based on the Ernest Jones’s principals.  Brett’s perspective of teaching cause and effect, playing with a positive attitude, and how the imagination successfully complements the swing is the foundation of his golf swing instruction.  Learn an effortless swing from a veteran golf swing coach.


Simple Cause & Effect Strategies


  • Hold the grip with constant attitude and allow the natural reactions of a backward and forward swing to take place without interference on our part.
  • Most golfers have an impulse to try to assist the club as it reaches the golf ball.  Stop it!  The swing never accepts this help.
  • The mental and physical phases of your golf swing must be perfectly synchronized in order to produce a constant and repeatable swing motion.

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At all times, the grip controls the position of the clubhead.  Exercise with great discipline and care in keeping the grip correct and always the same because it will pay great dividends.


To send the golf ball to the target, the clubface and body must align in such a way as to enable the swing to be produced in the direction of the target with ease.


The golf swing remains in sync throughout its entirety.  Nothing moves first or last.  Everything moves together in the same direction at the same pace.


Everything we do is done with some sort of mental control.  Without proper mental attitude, control, and direction there can be no consistent golf swing or golf game.